Cloud Migrations

The driving forces for the exponential growth in cloud adoption are well known. What is often missed is that, these decisions and transformations may be driven from the top down within a company. Cloud adoption strategies often fail to properly understand that companies IT readiness and skillset to plan, build and execute a migration strategy may be missing.

Ascend Cloud Solutions in-depth knowledge and experience of the VMware vSphere stack and VMware HCX, can add tremendous value in guiding companies through cloud migrations of all sizes while minimising migration disruption by:


Ascend Cloud Solutions will provide professional consulting services to explore cloud migration feasibility, options and the best approach. This is performed through a 1-2 day on-site workshop with key stakeholders or remotely. Ascend Cloud Solutions will provide discovery and assessment services resulting in a detailed inventory of your environment along with a proposed migration plan, methodology, cost and timeline.


Due to the different hardware and technology used in the Cloud, compared to your onsite datacenter, optimizing your workloads, networks and policies will be necessary. We will assist you in understanding these differences and assist you in optimizing your workloads for the chosen cloud.


We will build out the Cloud environment with you including networks, firewall rules and security policies, a lot of which can be migrated using VMware HCX.


Ascend Cloud Solutions will work with you to coordinate the execution of your migration plan. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the status of each phase of the migration, execute thorough test plans and ensure a seamless go-live event.


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