Datacenter Consolidation

Datacenter Consolidation to the Cloud


VMware HCX addresses many of the challenges customers face when consolidating on premises data centers to a cloud provider. VMware HCX works to tether two VMware environments, as both source and target are running vSphere no OS or application changes are required for migrated workload. VMware HCX Infrastructure Proxies permit an architecture where the on the premises vSphere environment and the VMware Cloud Provider environment don’t need to be tightly coupled, they communicate with each other via the proxies over a secure encrypted channel. This masking approach has many benefits

  • Sensitive management and vMotion networks do not need to be routable to their counterparts in the VMware Cloud Provider. They just need to be presented to the local Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Proxy
  • Supports a wider range of vSphere versions, no need to upgrade on premises environments
  • On premises and the VMware Cloud Provider instance can be on separate SSO domains


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