Cloud Migrations

A clear path forward with VMware HCX

Thursday April 15th at 3pm



A Clear Path Forward

VMware HCX?

Constraints, dependencies, downtime, Routing, DNS and IP changes. Its easy to become overwhelmed with so many moving parts in planning and executing a successful cloud migration. With many different tools, capabilities, and platforms it can be hard to make the right choices for you and your company’s critical estate.

 In this webinar we hope to share some of our extensive experience and make your decision easier. If you are migrating to a VMware vSphere based cloud, one of our recommendations is VMware HCX, and by joining us in this presentation, we will show you how and why.

 This webinar will include HCX’s Workload Mobility features and capabilities as well as some detailed packet walks showcasing HCX’s powerful Network Extension features. We will also demonstrate how VMware HCX’S ability to migrate applications with zero downtime makes it a game-changing technology in the migration industry.

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Eoin Hardwick

Eoin Hardwicke

Eoin is a Senior Solutions Architect at Ascend. He has over a decade of experience working in the enterprise cloud space. With an eye for detail and a passion for solving complex customer problems, Eoin has designed, built, and implemented cloud solutions for Companies with 100 employees up to 20,000+ employees.

Eoin has helped define tooling and end-to-end processes that were used to successfully migrate hundreds of customers, thousands of virtual machines, and petabytes of data with minimum disruption against tight deadlines.

Kushal Deshpande

Kushal Deshpande

Kushal is a Cloud Solutions Architect at Ascend Cloud. He has over a decade of experience working on Virtualization and Cloud Technologies.

Kushal with his unique balance of technical depth and strong interpersonal skills has helped SMB to Enterprise Customers design, plan and migrate to the cloud from various platforms.